About us

One stop destination for all your
Meeting / Seminar / Conference / Event

Corporate including professionals, entrepreneurs, event planners / managers have a problem in common i.e. searching a space for themselves or their clients for marketing of their products and services
Progressive hall is a place that is offering you a space that will be suitable for different events like Companies conference, client meeting, training session, motivational programme, Interview Session or any other type of official event.
We are not just offering the space but all facility which you may require to conduct your programme without hassle. We offer facilitiy of Laptop, LCD Projector, WIFI, Tea, Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch as the requirement may be.

In short:
Companies can use our place for meetings, training sessions, liaison office in Kolkata
Educational Institutes outside Kolkata can hire our place for using as admission and information centre, conducting training sessions etc
Consultants and professionals who offer their services, consultation, for a short period need not open their permanent office in Kolkata. They can hire our place from time to time.
Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Companies who conduct seminars for their prospective chain managers can hire our place
Teachers can conduct their coaching classes in morning, day or evening.

Remember investing in property and maintaining it is quite costly. Even if you open a small office you will have to pay rent, buy furniture, Painting and furnishing expenses, pay electricity bill, pay for maintenance expenses, Employ security guard, Office administrator, Peon
You can just walk in, use the services and move without any commitment. Further if you want to have any permanent office address in Kolkata we can provide you liaison services wherein our trained persons will handle all your local enquiries and forward to you for further action. For a nominal service charge you can save huge recurring expenses every month. Further book our place as per your requirement may be for few hours, few days or few months.
You can book our place over phone and transfer payment online and you are ready to use the place.

We are anxiously waiting to serve you.............